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Information Systems Internal Auditing

Information Systems Internal Auditing

Most organisations today rely on IT systems to run their day to day activities. With this comes the need for cyber security. This means that management needs to ensure that standards are set in a secure way. More importantly that employees adhere to these standards and practices.  This is when IT and Cyber Security Internal Audit comes in play.

Information Systems Internal Auditing

About this session

All organisations, whether complex multi-nationals or SMBs, reply on technology and IT systems to run their businesses. For this reason, it is important that information security becomes an intrinsic part of the process. Management needs to set policies, standards and practices. Employees need to be trained to adhere to them. In ensuring that your company complies with standards, you can start to achieve a level of security.

It is at this stage that IT and Cyber Security Internal Audit comes in play.

In this training, we deep dive into the importance of the Internal Audit function with a focus on IT. Here you will learn the methodologies, infrastructure steps, and about the yearly cycle of an audit project. You will gain an understanding on:

  • what a Cyber Auditor looks for as evidence from IT systems;
  • what common controls should an IT system have;
  • how a report is made; and
  • the nature of the Business-Audit relationship composition.

All aligned with ISACA methodologies.

Target Audience

Designed for all employees working within internal audit or subject to internal audits.

Session Duration

2 hour session

Session Outcomes

By the end of the course you will understand better the role of the Information Security Auditor. You will also be able to prepare better for IS audits with a view for a more successful outcome in your next audit.

Information Systems Internal Audit – Course Description

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