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Information Security Awareness Training

Information Security Awareness Training

In this digital age and with the advent of the use of technology to facilitate our work processes, we are all  exposed to fraud, cyber attacks and loss of data. Such threats could reach us through malicious activity, negligence or accident.

Information Security Awareness Session

About this session

The Internet is the Wild West and if you’re not careful, you might end up in the wrong part of town. We aim to help you avoid that so you can confidently perform  your daily activities.

In this training we will look at the dangers lurking on the World Wide Web. We will provide tips on how to protect your activities effectively. You will learn common terms like phishing, ransomware and social engineering. Through our live demonstrations and examples we show you the potency of these attacks.

We will talk about mobile security, social media and AI.  Our approach is to use interactive material and provide you with an experiential learning experience.

Target Audience

Designed to appeal to all employee levels within an organisation

Session Duration

8 hours over 2 days (2 half-day sessions)

Session Outcomes

This awareness session is intended to address the pitfalls of our cyber world and will  provide key insights into the various threats and their agents. It is intended to enhance your knowledge towards cyber security and to provide useful tips and recommendations for organisations to be able to identify, avoid and mitigate risks in their electronic environment.

By the end of the course it is expected that participants will have a great understanding on the emerging Information Security trends and will be able to identify and defend against threats.

Information Security Awareness – Course Description

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