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Incident Management & Disaster Recovery

Incident Management & Disaster Recovery

With the rise of cyber crime and its sophistication, you need to be prepared for such an eventuality. This course aims to provide a clear picture of why the establishment of an incident management and response procedure is important. Training focuses on prevention and detection alike.

Incident Management & Disaster Recovery

About this session

Do you have an incident response manual in your organization? When was the last time you flipped through it? How ready are you to handle an incident if you were the next target? And if the disaster hits the company, do you know how to recover from it?

An organization not having adequate incident response or disaster recovery is taking a huge risk in these uncertain cyber times.

This 2 day course aims to provide a clear picture of why the establishment of an incident management and response procedure is important. On the second day we focus on the Importance of Disaster Recovery strategies and individual roles.

First Day – Incident Management

The aim is to help participants focus on prevention and detection alike. Through this course content we aim to provide you with the tools to:

  • create an effective incident response plan;
  • plan the phases of an incident timeline;
  • discuss the responding options; and
  • identify the key roles and responsibilities for the plan.

We aim to also prepare you in the event that an incident actually happens. Here we look at the:

  • Forensics;
  • Chain of Custody; and
  • The importance of preserving evidence.

Second Day – Disaster Recovery

We aim to provide a comprehensive insight into disaster recovery techniques and the “what to do” in case of an event. Participants after the course will know to:

  • identify the disaster recovery strategies;
  • prepare an effective plan;
  • testing methodologies and the principle of an effective plan;
  • identify the roles and responsibilities during a disaster;
  • prepare investigation, lessons learned and determining the success of recovery.

Target Audience

Designed for all employee levels, particularly those forming part of your company’s Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) and Disaster Recovery effort.

Session Duration

8 hours split on 2 days.

Session Outcomes

You will be able to draw up, review and enhance your incident response manual. This course will prepare you for handling an incident and coordinating your CSIRT team in such an eventuality. In addition participants will understand the various methodologies of disaster recovery and their role in the process in case of an event.

Incident Management & Disaster Recovery – Course Description

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