An Introduction to Cyber Security & Social Engineering

The protection of digital devices has become essential in today’s era.

Knowing the potential enemy, the methods and basic preventive measures is essential in order to protect our digital systems.

An Introduction to Cyber Security & Social Engineering

About this session

With cybercrime on the increase, it is essential to start understanding the basics of such activities in order to help prevent such incidents not only in an organisation but also at home.

During this course we will cover the basics of the following:

  • Types of cybercrime;
  • Interesting facts about different types of cybercrime;
  • Types of criminals;
  • Common tools used to commit the cybercrimes;
  • Real world examples of committed cybercrimes.

Following the basics, we will delve in the world of social engineering attacks where we will explain:

  • The life cycle used to committing this crime;
  • Different tools;
  • Real world scenarios;
  • Basic preventive measures.

Target Audience

Designed for all employee levels within an organisation.

Session Duration

2.5 hours

Session Outcomes

This course is intended to provide a basic understanding about cyber security with a focus on social engineering together with the necessary knowledge of simple preventive measures that can be used on a daily basis to safeguard personal and company data.

An Introduction to Cyber Security & Social Engineering – Course Description

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