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D4n6 offers proactive and reactive services that address specific needs. Over the years we have supported various organisations and individuals through our suite of services.

Our services range from training and awareness sessions to information security compliance and policy development.

Have a browse through our detailed services below, and have a quick read through our brochure HERE.


D4n6 offers a suite of training services as a stand alone or in collaboration with various entities such as in participation with LEAD training services and the Malta Stock Exchange Institute.

You may wish to avail of our standard training packages. Alternately, you can customise your own such that our solution fits your needs. All our training is preceded by training-needs analysis, ensuring that what we deliver matches your expectations. Our lectures and speakers are selected to satisfy your direct and unique requirements.

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Our information security services focus on providing you with tools and expertise. We help you ensure that your information systems remain threat-free. It is virtually impossible to secure any network completely, however  you can adopt various approaches which increase the robustness of your systems.

D4n6 can assist you in identifying weaknesses in your network posture. We use various techniques such as vulnerability scanning to threat hunting and penetration testing, Moreover, we offer incident response role-playing and a variety of other social engineering scenarios to prepare you for handling any breaches which may come your way.

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Companies worldwide continue to implement and rely on information systems. This leads us to focus on strengthening our cyber defences to protect our personal data and company information. From protection of trade secrets to client and employee data, all require adequate controls. More so, if this data forms part of a country’s national critical information infrastructure.

Moreover information security and GDPR today are very closely related. For this reason, D4n6 offers services which position data security as a key pillar in combatting cyber threats.

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Our dependency and use of information systems grows daily. Hence the focus on information security becomes pivotal. Sensitive information, particularly such information processed by corporate entities, needs to be safeguarded from internal and external threats.

The sophistication of threats launched on companies across all industries worldwide, has become a more common occurrence. To help detect such threats, mitigate risk, and protect data, businesses need to focus on cyber security awareness and adhere to compliance requirements. We find some such requirements set in national and European compliance legislation as well as from industry standards and best practices.

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