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Data Security

At D4n6 we specialise in data security, focusing on data privacy and information security services.

Our offerings range from preventive to reactive services such as:

  • policy development to ISO 27001/2 standards;
  • information security audits;
  • penetration testing;
  • training and awareness sessions;
  • GDPR compliance programmes;
  • data breaches and incident response.

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Information Security

At D4n6 we offer a range of preventive and reactive information security services, including

  • Information Security Management Services;
  • information security audits;
  • penetration testing and vulnerability assessments;
  • training and awareness sessions;
  • incident response management.

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Training & Awareness

D4n6 provides an array of training and awareness sessions on data privacy, information security and social engineering.

You can choose from our standard training options or we would be happy to design training specific to the needs of your organisation.

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Data Privacy

Our team is well versed in assisting you to achieve GDPR compliance.

We have devised an implementation programme adaptable to any size of organisation.

Additionally we can perform GDPR assessments and assist with data breaches.

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Compliance & Risk Management

Our dependency and use of information systems grows constantly. For this reason, focus on information security becomes more pivotal.

Let us assist you in developing your information security risk management programme or guide you on the importance of cybersecurity in your organisation.

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D4n6 assists clients in various industries with their information security and data privacy requirements.

Our wide range of services span across a whole spectrum from risk assessments, compliance management to training needs.


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Find out what some of our clients had to say about us. We thank them for their validation of our professional yet flexible approach.







D4n6 was set up in response to a high demand for an efficient and practical approach to information security matters. Over time, we have expanded our services to cover also data privacy and GDPR compliance.

As our dependency on technology continues to grow, our likelihood of a breach or hack grows too. Over the years, we have seen many organisations being targeted by cyber criminals. This can result in data breaches affecting data subjects’ personal information as well as losses to companies’ sensitive information.

Our aim is to help you recover from such moments, as well as assist you in fostering a culture of proactive vigilance to safeguard against potential incidents.

We strongly recommend that you do not wait until falling victim to a negligent or malicious incident. Remember that in most cases people are still the weakest link in the chain.

The cost of recovering from an incident far outweighs the cost of being proactive.

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